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China Plans Financial Overhaul at Three Gorges Dam

The aerial photo taken on Tuesday, June 3, 2003 shows the Three Gorges Reservoir on the middle reaches of the Yangtze River at Yichang, Hubei province. The water level reached, as planned, 114.29 meters high on the sluice gate at 19:00 Tuesday. (AP Photo

China says the operator of its giant Three Gorges dam is moving to overhaul its business operations, after a recent state audit found urgent problems at the facility.

A report Sunday by the official Xinhua news agency said the audit found 31 issues related to accounting, investment, bidding and management at the dam. The report said the operator, the China Three Gorges Coporation, is working on the issues.

The report comes just days after Beijing acknowledged that the $25 billion dam -- the world's largest hydro-electric project -- is fraught with environmental, geologic and economic problems. The government in Beijing on Wednesday said urgent action is required to curb pollution and to protect against the threat of natural disasters at and near the facility.

Officials also called for action to improve the lives of the 1.4 million people who were forced to relocate early last decade when the gates of the dam were closed to create a reservoir in Hubei province.

The dam on the Yangtze River has been criticized for years by environmentalists who warned it would spawn environmental catastrophe on China's most important waterway.