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Amnesty International Demands Accounting for Mongolian Activist

Amnesty International has called on Chinese authorities to account for a Mongolian activist who was released from prison a month ago, only to be detained again, with no word on his whereabouts.

The London-based rights group said Monday that it wants information on 56-year-old activist Hada, his wife Xinna and son Uiles, who were detained around the time of Hada's scheduled prison release on December 10. Hada was imprisoned in 1996 on charges of "splittism" and "espionage" after he campaigned for a high degree of autonomy for Inner Mongolia.

Officials told Hada's sister-in-law ((Naraa)) in mid-December that the family is staying in a 5-star luxury hotel and need a bit of time to plan their next step. But Amnesty says rights groups have not been able to reach the sister-in-law since December 18.