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Ukraine Opposition Leader Warns Against Outsider Interference in New Election  - 2004-12-06

Ukrainian opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko has warned foreign nations against taking sides in the country's new presidential runoff election.

Mr. Yushchenko said outsiders should only work to ensure the vote is fair.

His comments followed pledges from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe to support Ukraine's new court-ordered presidential run-off election.

Thousands of Mr. Yushchenko's supporters have continued their vigil in the capital Kiev, where Ukraine's parliament remained deadlocked on proposals to amend the country's election laws.

Opposition lawmakers support legal changes aimed at preventing voter fraud. Pro-government politicians are pushing for constitutional changes that would reduce the powers of the president.

On Saturday, Ukraine's Supreme Court threw out results from the last presidential election and scheduled a new run-off for December 26.