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Bush Reassures Cabinet - 2004-11-06

A major U.S. newspaper reports that President Bush will break with custom and not ask his cabinet members to hand in their resignations before his second term in office begins.

The Washington Post says Saturday, that the President held a 30 to 45 minute conference call with U.S. agency heads Thursday to assure them that, although all appointees serve at the pleasure of the chief executive, there will be no request for mass resignations.

A White House spokesman told the Post the message was an indication Mr. Bush thinks his administration is doing well.

Nevertheless, the U.S. media have reported that Attorney General John Ashcroft could leave before Mr. Bush's second inauguration in January. Others mentioned as possibly departing include Secretary of State Colin Powell and Homeland Security Chief Tom Ridge.

Mr. Bush is spending three days at the presidential retreat at Camp David, in Maryland in the wake of Tuesday's election.