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Chinese Economic and Cultural Invasion of Tibet? - 2003-11-13

The Beijing claims the economy and living standards in Tibet have been greatly improved due to its efforts. However, critics say that while the claim is to a large extent true, the cost of the material improvement is the erosion to the culture of Tibet.

Beijing’ based writer Wang Lixiong blamed the Chinese government for failing to preserve the Tibetan culture as it should. In an interview with VOA, Mr. Wang used the Tibetan language as an example of the loss of Tibetan culture. He said, Chinese is now the dominant language in Tibet and is used at all government meetings even if there is only one Chinese official.

Mr. Wang acknowledged that all cultures are under the influence of each other, especially with the current globalization but the Chinese government should do more to protect the Tibetan culture. Otherwise, he said, the Tibetan culture will be irreversibly damaged.