Dalai Lama Calls on Chinese Scholars to Help find Solution to Resolve Sino-Tibetan Problems བོད་སྐད།

The Dalai Lama gave an extempore speech at the Tibetan Chinese Conference in Geneva today, saying that he likes to have a frank and informal exchange of ideas between Chinese intellectuals and Tibetans on the Sino-Tibetan issues.

"The issue of Tibet needs to be solved. How to do it is something we need to discuss," Dalai Lama told a gathering of Chinese and Tibetan scholars.

Dalai Lama said his written statement was distributed among the conference attendees. In his written statement he has two appeals to Chinese brothers and sisters: "First, I seek your advice and frank opinions on what steps to take in future to solve the Tibetan problem. Secondly, I request your help in carrying a message to the Chinese people that we Tibetans harbor no hatred against our Chinese brothers and sisters, and that we Tibetans are neither anti-Chinese nor anti-China. I seek your help and cooperation in preventing the issue of Tibet being turned into an issue of racial prejudice and antagonism between the Tibetan and Chinese peoples."

Kalon Tripa Samdhong Rinpoche also addressed the delegates. There are over 100 Chinese and Tibetan scholars attending this conference from more than 12 countries across the globe.