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US President-Elect: Do Not Despair over Economy

U.S. President-elect Barack Obama says Americans can retake control of their "economic destiny," despite a recession that has cost the country nearly two million jobs.

In his weekly radio address Saturday, the president-elect says the ailing economy has left many Americans feeling frustrated. But he says his economic recovery plan will put people back to work and make the United States stronger.

Mr. Obama says he will launch a "massive effort" to make public buildings more energy efficient, invest heavily in roads and infrastructure, and upgrade school buildings.

The plan also calls for expanding access to the Internet and making sure hospitals and doctors' offices are making the best use of technology.

The president-elect says the initiatives will help create or save at least 2.5 million jobs, and save taxpayers billions of dollars.

Mr. Obama also criticized what he called "the old Washington way" of solving problems. He says his plan's success will be based, not on how much money is spent, but on the results it achieves.