Tourists forbidden to visit Gaden and Samye monasteries: Foreign Tourists བོད་སྐད།

In the first week of October 2008, a group of tourists from Europe toured Lhasa, Lhokha, Gyaltse and Shigatse. In Lhasa, they were not allowed to visit Gaden monastery. The guide said it is not allowed. Similarly, in Lhokha, police officer told them they cannot go to Samye monastery. They were allowed to visit Drepung and Sera monasteries in Lhasa, visited Gyaltse Palkhor Choede and Shalu monastery in Shigtse area. Tourists say they have not seen monks performing routine religious rituals or prayer sessions in any of these monasteries. As a result, they skipped visiting Sakya monastery, assuming it would be in the same state, a tourist said. They have not seen many monks in these monasteries, according to toursits who arrived in Nepal.