གཟའ་སྤེན་པ། ༢༠༢༤/༠༦/༢༢

Yamuna River Rising:Tibetan Shops Closed བོད་སྐད།

As a precautionary measure, Indian authorities ordered to close the Tibetan market in and around this area. says Lobsang Tsultrim, leader of the Tibetan Market Association, Ladakh Boudh Vihar.

Inspector Bhup Singh, Division Officer of Ladakh Boudh Vihar area says, "Water level is rising. And for the safety of public and to avoid any untoward incidents we told them to vacate the market area as a precautionary measure in advance."

Ladakh Boudh Vihar is situated on the bank of Yamuna river, the life line of Delhi. There are around 300 Tibetan shops dealing with ready made garments. "The closure of market will lose around Rs 40 - 50 Lacs per day for the Tibetans." says Lobsang Tsultrim and continued "The situation may improve after few days if the rain does not stop in upper areas."

The flood like situation in low-laying areas of Delhi has been caused on account of persistent rain in the northern parts of India, which has resulted in the water level increasing in the Yamuna river.

This is not the first time happened to this area. In 1988 this area was inundated completely by flood water and the situation lasted for a week.