As Beijing Celebrates Olympics, Lockdown of Tibet Worsens བོད་སྐད།

The Free Tibet Campaign issued today a briefing which documents a series of abuses being committed by the Chinese authorities in Tibet whilst the Games are being staged in China.

The Dalai Lama said on Saturday in an interview with Frances TF1 broadcaster that China was mistreating Tibetans, even during the Games and that often civilians are arrested and tortured very violently, to the point where they die. The Dalai Lamas comments offer a directrebuttal to those of Wang Wei, Beijing’s top Olympic official, who said last week at a press briefing: "I did say that the Olympic Games coming to China will help China open up further and reform better. No such opening up has been seen in Tibet where the situation continues to worsen, even while China is staging the Games. This briefing draws together various reports to highlight the Chinese government’s systematic imposition of a complex web of restrictions upon Tibetans.

These heavy-handed restrictions are designed to quash what would be highly embarrassing protests during the Beijing Olympics. It is highly unlikely that the specific abuses and restrictions documented below would have occurred if Beijing was not staging the Games. In documenting those abuses in Tibet caused directly by Chinas staging of the Games, therefore, this briefing seeks to offer a direct rebuttal to previous claims by both the Chinese government and the IOC that bringing the Games to China would lead inevitably to an improvement in human rights throughout the country.

Free Tibet Campaign is calling on Gordon Brown and other world leaders to speak out about Chinas broken human rights promises and to demand an immediate independent investigation into the situation on the ground in Tibet.