Former Canadian Olympic Athlete Cycling for Tibet བོད་སྐད།

Former Team Canada rower David Kay was welcomed by a jubilant mom and a small group of people in Toronto as he wheeled in with a fellow athlete Wednesday. David's mom Heather Kay said she is proud of him at the same time worried about him because he is riding alone. David had started his race for rights bicycle ride from St. Johns on Canada's east coast and have so far completed 3000 km in two and half week.

Wayne Kay said David's effort is a small step for a cause that has a long road to walk. Canada Tibet Committee representative Tsering Khangsar congratulated David for arriving safely in Toronto.

David said he is doing this for Tibet, Falun Gong, Uighurs, Journalists and AIDS activists in China. His Ontario leg of bicycle ride is dedicated to Huyesin Cicil, an Uighur and a Canadian Citizen who was arrested and detained by the Chinese Government.

David will go on to lake superior, Calgary, across Rocky mountains to Vancouver and finally end at Victoria on 25th August, coinciding with the closing ceremony of the Olympics.