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Kunleng TV: International Conference of Tibet Support Groups

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The 5th annual international conference of Tibet support groups (TSG) was convened in Brussels last week. Three hundred participants representing 145 organizations from 56 countries met to discuss strategies and plans for the Tibet movement. The meeting comes one year ahead of Beijing’s 2008 Olympics. This week’s Kunleng invites key organizers to discuss the recent meetings and to reflect on the TSG’s changing role and context, and the challenges the movement faces today.

Kunleng is simulcast on television via satellite, on shortwave radio, and via the Internet in real time. Tune in every Wednesday at 1400-1500 UTC, 10:00 pm - 11:00 pm Lhasa time.

Call us live during the program with your comments and questions:
From Tibet and China Call toll-free 10810 866 837 5159
From elsewhere us at 1-202-619-3774
(Tell the operator to reverse the charges and we will pay for the call.)

Or send your name and phone number in advance so we can contact you during the show. If you are not able to join us in person please send your questions to us via fax or e-mail to: tibetan@voanews.com or Fax: 1- 202-382-5596