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Dalai Lama Says Most Tibetans Unhappy with Chinese Rule

Tibet's exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, has criticized Chinese policies in Tibet during a visit to the United States.

Speaking at a luncheon in Chicago Sunday, the Dalai Lama said 95 percent of Tibetans are "very unhappy."

He urged Beijing to grant Tibet what he calls "meaningful autonomy." He says this will encourage Tibetans to be loyal, and will improve unity, stability and prosperity in the region.

Later Sunday, the 71-year-old spiritual leader gave a speech on Buddhist values to a crowd of more than 10-thousand supporters at Chicago's Millennium Park. He said people should maintain certain values, such as warm-heartedness and affection, as they are important elements to keep the mind calm.

On Tuesday, the Dalai Lama heads to (the northeastern U.S. state of) Massachusetts, where he is make an address called "Education for Transformation" at a local college (Smith College). He is also slated to meet with the Tibetan community before ending his 12-day American tour.