Talk to VOA:Tibet's Traditional links with Mongolian

Mongolia has centuries-old historical links to Tibet and has traditionally followed Tibet's school of Buddhism. Yet decades of communist rule in Mongolia and China's occupation of Tibet have disrupted this historical connection. After communism collapsed in the early 1990s, hundreds of Mongolian students come to study Tibetan Buddhism, traditional medicine and astrology at Tibetan monasteries in India. Conversely, Tibetan scholars have been invited to Mongolia after communism wiped out many Buddhist institutions there.

Last week's visit by the Dalai Lama, who is widely revered in Mongolia, highlighted a renewal of links between the two people. This week, the Tibetan TV call-in show will host Mr. Tenzin Lekmon, a Mongolian lecturer at the Buddhist university of Gaden Choling in Ulan Bator and Venerable Khalkha Rinpoche, historically one of the most influential Buddhist Lamas in Mongolia. They will discuss Tibetan-Mongolian relations and the tenuous state of Tibetan Buddhism in Mongolia.

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