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Israeli Airstrikes on Beirut, Northern Lebanon Kill 12

Israeli warplanes have carried out new air strikes across Lebanon, pounding a Shi'ite suburb of Beirut and other suspected Hezbollah targets near the Syrian border.

Lebanese medics say the air attacks Friday killed at least 12 people and wounded 18 others.

Arab media reports say one Israeli soldier died and at least one suffered serious wounds in clashes with Hezbollah today in southern Lebanon. The Israeli army has not commented.

Hezbollah also fired rockets at northern Israel, wounding at least two people.

Israeli newspapers are reporting today that senior Israeli military commanders are angry at their government for postponing an expanded ground offensive in southern Lebanon.

A new Israeli poll indicates Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is losing public support as more Israelis believe they are either losing the war or that it will end in a stalemate.

At least 900 Lebanese - most of them civilians - have been killed since the fighting began one month ago. About 120 Israelis - most of them soldiers - also have died.

In Beirut, government officials say they have asked U.N. peacekeepers in southern Lebanon to secure the release of 350 Lebanese troops detained in their Marjayoun barracks by Israeli forces.

Israeli forces seized the mainly Christian town after fierce battles with Hezbollah guerrillas Thursday.