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Saudi Arabia Detains 40 Islamist Militants

Officials in Saudi Arabia says they have detained at least 40 suspected Islamist militants for their alleged involvement in terrorist activities in the country.

Saudi security officials said Saturday some of the suspected militants were captured at a hideout in the northeastern town of Hafr al-Baten, near the border with Iraq. The others were detained in the holy city of Mecca and other cities across the kingdom.

Officials did not say when the suspected militants were captured.

Earlier, officials said six suspected al-Qaida-linked militants and a Saudi policeman were killed Friday in a shootout in the capital, Riyadh.

Islamist activists allied to al-Qaida have been fighting to topple the U.S.-backed Saudi government. Saudi Arabia began an aggressive anti-terrorism campaign in May, 2003 after suicide bombers linked to al-Qaida attacked three Western residential compounds in the capital.