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Protesters Demonstrate Against Parliament Vote Delay in Nepal

Protesters have demonstrated in Nepal's capital against the delay of a parliament vote on a proposal that would substantially diminish King Gyanendra's powers.

Demonstrators blocked traffic and burned tiresTuesday in Kathmandu, demanding the seven-party alliance vote on the plan.

The landmark document was to be presented for a vote in parliament Monday, but the new Nepalese Cabinet is still working on the resolution. It is expected to curtail the king's privileges, including his control over the army and his influence in politics.

A draft of the resolution also proposes ending the monarch's advisory panel (the Raj Parishad, or privy council), while the king's right to make the final decision on major issues will be given to Parliament.

The Cabinet also has begun a crackdown against officials in the former royalist government and plans to tax the king's income and property.

King Gyanendra seized absolute power last February. He reinstated parliament and gave up direct control of the government last month after almost three weeks of pro-democracy demonstrations. Twenty-one people were killed during the unrest.