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Ship Capsizes Off Bahrain Coast; 57 Drowned, 13 Missing

Officials in Bahrain say at least 57 people drowned and 13 are missing after a cruise ship capsized off the coast of the Persian Gulf state.

They say 67 people have been rescued.

The ship with 137 people on board, including many foreigners, went down less than one-and-a-half kilometers from the coast late Thursday.

Bahrain television reports the boat's owners believe it may have been overloaded. They say it might have overturned when most of the passengers moved to one side.

Bahrain's Information Ministry says it is still trying to determine the nationalities of the victims. The ministry says at least 13 Britons and 17 Indians were among the bodies recovered.

Several Filipinos, Egyptians and South Africans were also among the foreigners on board.

U.S. helicopters and divers helped Bahrain's rescue and recovery efforts. Bahrain is home to the U.S. Navy's Fifth Fleet.