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Talk to VOA:Wangpo Tethong

VOA Tibetan TV program "Talk to VOA" includes two separate subjects. The first part of the show will be on Phuntsog Nyidrol, a Tibetan nun and political prisoner who was released after 15 years of imprisonment and who arrived in the US last week. The Tibetan service documented Nyidrol's arrival at Dulles Airport and her emotional reunion with her former cell-mate Ngawang Sangdrol. The next day Talk to VOA host Pasang Yangkyi sat down with these two well-known Tibetan political prisoners at a DC area Tibetan home and talked about their lives in prison.

The second part of the show will focus on Wangpo Tethong, a Tibetan activist from Switzerland who traveled to Beijing during the National People's
Congress to stage a political protest in Tiananmen Square. The interview will discuss Tethong's goals and intentions and explore his views on the
effectiveness of such political actions.

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