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Iraq Bomb Attack Kills At Least Two, Security Tightens Ahead of Poll Results

Iraqi security forces are on high alert ahead of Friday's announcement of results from the December 15th parliamentary election.

Security officials say thousands of soldiers are manning additional roadblocks and conducting patrols in the capital, Baghdad, and several other provinces, including Diyala, Anbar.

The U.S. military has warned of a possible upsurge in violence surrounding the publication of the election results.

Iraqi authorities say at least two people were killed today when a roadside bomb targeting a U.S. patrol exploded in Baghdad. The violence come a day after 22 people were killed in two bombings in the capital.

Separately, a senior Iraqi Sunni Arab leader Adnam Dulaimi urged kidnappers to release American journalist Jill Carroll. Insurgents have threatened to kill her if U.S. forces fail to release all female Iraqi detainees by today.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP, AP and Reuters.