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Tibetan Journalist Releases Documentary on his Father’s Escape from Tibet

Tsering Dorjee Wangkhang and Rignam Wangkhang
Tsering Dorjee Wangkhang and Rignam Wangkhang

A Tibetan Canadian multimedia journalist produced a documentary that was aired on the Canadian Broadcasting Coorporation Radio on April 18, 2017.

The documentary titled, ‘The night my father escaped Tibet’ was produced by Rignam Wangkhang on his father’s escape from Tibet, which was well received by listeners across Canada.

The project was based on the half-finished biography that his father left behind after his demise a few years back. It chronicled the challenges faced by his father Tsering Dorjee Wangkhang during his escape from Tibet in 1958 at the age of 13 with his family members.

“My family has suffered so much. Tibetans inside Tibet and around the world have suffered even more. But this documentary is not a story of sadness, it is a story of resilience-because we have survived, endured, and thrived," Rignam tells VOA.