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Ahead of 1959 Uprising Day Anniversary, Tibetan Artist Launches Campaign for Unity

Ahead of 1959 Uprising Day Anniversary, Tibetan Artist Launches A Campaign For Unity

Portland, Oregon based Tibetan tattoo artist and singer Tamdin Tsetan has started an online campaign called, “One Tibet” that calls for the unity of all Tibetans irrespective of the region they belong to, their gender, or other affiliations.

Tamding has kick started the campaign on this year’s Tibetan New Year, also known as Losar. Ahead of the 58th Tibetan National Uprising day, the Tibetan artist is pushing hard for all Tibetans to remember the occasion and participate in events marking 'Tibetan Uprising Day' in their respective countries.

He tells VOA that he initiated the campaign to create a sense of oneness and unity among Tibetan people. “The Chinese government consistently stresses on the idea of 'One China' despite apparent differences among Chinese people and various ethnic groups. We,Tibetans, have throughout history been one race with unique identity, language, and culture that unites us. In this day and age, Tibetans are scattered across the globe and it becomes even more important for us to remember our history and culture, and never to forget our common aim for Tibet," added Tamdin.