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Exile Tibetans Commemorate 1989 Martial Law

The Lhasa Martial Law of 1989
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The Central Tibetan Administration based in Dharamsala, North India organized a prayer service to commemorate the 28th year since China imposed Martial Law in Tibet's capital city, Lhasa.

During the Martial Law, hundreds of Tibetans lost their lives, thousands more were arrested and given a long term prison sentence.

The martial law lasted for nearly a year, however, Tibet remained closed to outsiders for another few years following the uplift of the martial law.

Listen to Dharamsala reporter Tenzin Sangmo below as Venerable Bagdro and Venerable Lobsang share their personal experiences in Lhasa under martial law imposed by Hu Jintao, then party secretary of 'Tibet Autonomous Region'

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