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Students for a Free Tibet - Delhi Marks 1913 Tibetan Independence Proclamation


To mark the 104th anniversary of the 1913 Tibetan Proclamation of Independence from China, Students for a Free Tibet - Delhi (SFT-Delhi) organized "Tibetan Cultural Festival" in Dilli Haat, New Delhi on February 13, 2017.

"The 13th Dalai Lama proclaimed Tibetan independence on February 13, 1913 from the domination by China's Qing (Manchu) dynasty. We, the Students for a Free Tibet, mark this important day every year, and this year we have organized the Tibetan cultural festival at Dilli Haat. Our activities include performances of cultural dances, photo exhibitions, screening of documentary films depicting the status of Tibet prior to 1949, talk shows by prominent scholars on Tibet, Tibetan food stalls, sale of books, and distribution of information literature," says Tashi Gyatso the president of SFT-Delhi.

Founded in 1994, the Students for a Free Tibet (SFT) is a global grass roots network of students and activists working in solidarity with the Tibetan people for human rights and freedom. Its international headquarter is based in New York City, USA.