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Cambodian Prime Minister Bans Tibetan and Taiwanese Flags

Prime Minister Hun Sen gave remark at the annual ceremony to mark 38 years since the fall of Khmer Rouge in 1979 at its headquarter on January 07, 2017 in Phnom Penh. (Hean Socheata/ VOA Khmer)

The Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen, has recently announced that his government will not allow Tibetan and Taiwanese flags to be raised in Cambodia.

While describing Taiwan as a province of China, he has said that Cambodia will not do anything to harm the sovereignty of China.

Hun Sen has ruled the country since 1985, and is known for being one of the region's most vocal supporters of China.

Listen to Pasang Yangkyi's report Cambodian Prime Minister's decision to ban the flags to maintain China's investment in Cambodia's infrastructure, and the country's reliance on China for financial support and economic development.

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