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Kusho Jigme Gyamtso Released From Detention

Jigme Gyatso
Jigme Gyatso
Kusho Jigme Gyamtso Released From Detention
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Jigme Gyamtso, also known as Jigme Goril, the monk who spoke out for the plight of Tibetans, and against the torture and beatings he suffered for doing so, is reported to have been released from Lanzou prison on Wednesday and transported to his home near Labrang.

Gyamtso has been detained four times since 2006 when he was imprisoned after his return from India where he received religious teachings from the Dalai Lama.

In an apparent move to prevent a large public welcoming following his release, Kusho Gyamtso was dropped off at family’s house unexpectedly at around 9PM. A lifelong monk who wore maroon monk’s robes for most of his life, he is seen at his house wearing blue and black colored jacket and pants in photos appearing on social media.

Both his clothing items and their colors would be considered spiritual transgressions for a Tibetan monk and are therefore assumed to have been forced on him in prison.