Dharamsala Holds Candle Light Vigil in Solidarity with Larung Gar Demolition


Tibetans and supporters in Dharamsala held a candle light vigil to show solidarity with the Larung Gar residence on August 10, 2016.

Chinese demolition crews, accompanied by police and government officials, began tearing down parts of the largest Buddhist study institute in the world located in Serther County, Ganze Tibetan Autonomous Region (today's Sichuan Province) on Wednesday July 20, around 8am local time.

Larung Gar is home to at least 10,000 monks, nuns, lay students and elderly people, although some tourism websites put estimates closer to 40,000 people. Human Rights Watch in June reported on Beijing’s plan to reduce the population to 5,000 by September 2017, however the demolition in July indicates that the timeline has been accelerated.

Tashi and Dorjee Lhamo, two former students from Larung Gar who are currently residents of Dharamsala shared their experiences from the 2001 demolition of Larung Gar and the current situation of the institute as they learn from friends back in Tibet.

དཔྱད་བརྗོད་ལ་བལྟ། (༡)