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Tibetan Man in Dege Beaten to Death by Officials

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A Tibetan was been beaten to death in Dege, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (traditional Tibetan province of Kham) on June 20, 2016.

40 year old Yudrug Nyima had left his township of Zakog Yultso for Rakog Yultso to collect caterpiller fungus where he was reportedly beaten to death by local officials on a false premise that he was in possession of guns.

The officials then brought Nyima's body back to the main center of Dege county where they told everyone he had died on the way there without providing further explanation or evidence.

Contrary to the explanation provided by the officials, the locals believe his death was a result of brutal police beating.

Nyima is survived by his mother Godroe and father Yanga.

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