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Tibetans Taking Photography As Artistic Tool to Present Tibet


Tibetans are taking photography as an artistic tool to present the current political and social conditions of Tibet.

Two photo exhibitions were launched within the last two weeks in Northern India's Dharamsala where the exiled Tibetan administration is based.

Exhibition titled 'InFrame' is being displayed at the Tibet Musuem from June 15 to 21, 2016 where 50 photographs represent the political and social issues of exile diaspora in the last four years. Kalsang Jigme, a young professionally trained photographer born in Lhasa, studied photography at Paul's Academy in Bangalore, India. 'I have no linguistic skills, so I use photography as a medium to express my thoughts and feelings', said Kalsang.

The other exhibition will be hosted by the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives from June 20 to 25, where it will display photographs taken by Kunchok Gyatso, a former monk from Kirti monastery, in Tibet, who returned to his homeland after 21 years.

'I found photographs as a way to hand over our history to the younger generation. I give utter importance to it,' said Kunchok said while talking about his interest in photography.