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Tibetan Monk Sentenced For Keeping and Sharing Dalai Lama’s Photos

Gomar Choephel and Shokjang Given Two and Three Year Prison Term
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A Tibetan monk was sentenced to a two year prison term for keeping and sharing photos of the Dalai Lama, Tibet's spiritual leader, by a court in Rebkong County, Malho Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of February 17, 2016.

Gomar Choephel, 47, a monk of Rebkong Rongpo monastery was sentenced after being found guilty of “disturbing social stability” and “separatist actions.” Choephel, although was arrested earlier on July 10 of last year, was kept in detention for over seven months before the court finally announcing his sentence last week.

Shokjang, a prominent Tibetan writer, was also sentenced to a three year prison term on the same day, a year after his arrest, for alleged separatist activities.