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SFT Reclaim Tibet Concert in Dharamsala

SFT Reclaim Tibet Concert in Dharamsala
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The Students for a Free Tibet-India chapter based in Dharamsala, Northern India held a concert to spread awareness on the map of Tibet to commemorate February 13 as Tibet's Independence Day.

Tenzin Tselha, SFT India Director, shared the importance of spreading the awareness on Tibet's map and said, 'People around the world have started to believe Tibet as the map they find in the websites spread by Chinese propaganda. It is imperative to let people know that Tibet's real map consist of three provinces contrary to what China has been saying.'

Tselha added that one of the main aims of commemorating the day is for the unity of Tibetans in returning the Dalai Lama to his seat in Lhasa.

The concert was attended by over 500 people consisting of local Tibetans including western bands.