China’s Campaign to Stabilize Tibet Moved to Private Homes of Authorities

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Inviting lamas to their homes is a part of traditional religious practice of the Tibetan Buddhists. However, the Chinese communist leaders on Wednesday began a new move to invite high lamas to their private homes in Lhasa to talk about political campaigns.

According to official state-run news in Tibetan language, the authorities discussed anti-separatism campaigns, friendship amongst the nationalities, and other religious affairs with their guests.

The hosts of this initiative on Wednesday included Che-dralhs (Ch: Qizha la), Party Secretary of Tibet’s capital; Dorje Tsering, Vice Chairman of Tibetan Autonomous Regional Government, and Lobsang Jigme, Vice Chairman of Tibetan Autonomous Regional Political Consultative Conference.

Critics say that it is the latest attempt of the Chinese government to gain the hearts and minds of Tibetans that is doomed to fail.

“Lamas and monks are the souls of Tibet who has great influence in the community, and China has launched a new policy to create friendship with them,” said Kalsang Gyaltsen Bapa. “The reason is that they see these monasteries as the source of independence struggle.”

However, the method of making friendship is not through respect, but money, which he said would not succeed as long as China continues to demonize the Dalai Lama.

According to China Tibet Net, these events continued on Thursday in different homes of other high level officials.

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