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Mother of Five Carries Out Self-Immolation Protest in Tibetan Area


A Tibetan woman from the Amdo Labrang area (Chinese: Xiahe) carried out an apparent self-immolation protest on the night of August 27, 2015.
55 year old Tashi Kyi, a mother of five from Ngura Village succumbed to her burns around 3am this morning. Ngura is a Tibetan nomadic settlement located in today’s Sanchu county, Gannan Prefecture, Gansu Province.
Sources say that Chinese security forces arrived at her home in the morning and forcibly took her body away.
While the reasons for her protest are not clear at present, sources told VOA that a possible catalyst could have been an incident that occurred on the 27th, when over 150 officials and security personnel arrived in Ngura village to claim official rights on a house and demolished the property. When Tibetans in the village protested, security forces beat the owner of the house and took him into detention.
As a sign that Tashi Kyi’s actions are being seen by area Tibetans as a protest against ongoing state oppression, people in the region are said to be lighting lamps at their home altars as a show of solidarity.
There have been over 142 known self-immolation protests in Tibet and Tibetan areas since 2009, which have prompted the United States, the European Union, and the United Nations to urge China to address the situation and to cease policies and actions that exacerbate tensions in Tibet.
Sang Kog Map
Sang Kog Map