གཟའ་སྤེན་པ། ༢༠༢༤/༠༥/༡༨

Two Tibetans Announce their Candidacy for Sikyong


Lhukar Jam, a Tibetan Activist and Penpa Tsering, Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament announced their candidacy for the 2016 election of Sikyong, head of the Tibetan Administration in Exile.

Lhukar Jam, who presently serves as the President of GuChuSum Tibetan Freedom movement shared his vision and reasons behind running at a press conference in Dharamsala hosted by his supporters, while Speaker Penpa Tsering announced his candidacy through three Tibetan radio channels.

Jam, who advocates for Rangzen believes Tibetan independence as the only path that could lift the oppressed souls of Tibetans, while the speaker advocates for a more concrete dialogue with China.

The two candidates are expected to tour the Tibetan settlements in the coming days to share their detailed vision with the Tibetan people.