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Hepatitis B Challenges Tibetans Communities Worldwide

Central Tibetan Administration launched an educational campaign
Central Tibetan Administration launched an educational campaign

Tibetan communities around the world, including those in the West, suffer from ahigher than average rate of Hepatitis B. The problem is most serious inside Tibet due to the lack of proper system for vaccinations and poor child delivery practices. A doctor in Tibet had discovered that certain vaccines often became ineffective by the time they reach remote rural areas in Tibet.

Xinhua, China’s state media organ reported in January, 2015 that 80 percent of Hepatitis B vaccines produced in China didn’t meet set quality standards and there have been reports from earlier this year stating that only 3.1 percent of population in “Western China” received hepatitis B vaccine. Dr. Lhamo, a Nepal based doctor, believes that as much as 90 percent of rural Tibetan women still give birth at home and don’t follow up with aftercare and vaccinations. She said that the situation in Nepal is equally bad with up to 61 percent of Tibetans living there being infected with Hepatitis B.