གཟའ་སྤེན་པ། ༢༠༢༤/༠༥/༡༨

Indigenous and Diaspora Tibetans Show Support and Solidarity for Quake Victims


Tibetans inside and around the world are showing overwhelming support for the earthquake victims in Nepal and Tibet by organizing a variety of solidarity events like prayer gathering, and fundraising events such as musical concerts, online support groups, and other urgent humanitarian relief campaigns.

While Tibetans in both indigenous and diaspora are primarily focused on solidarity and support related efforts, those on the ground are undertaking a massive relief and recovery efforts in the affected areas.

Hundreds of Tibetan monasteries, nunneries, and youth groups are delivering much needed humanitarian supplies including medical related needs, tents and blankets, clean water, food, and other needs in the worst affected areas.

Led by the Kathmandu Regional Tibetan Youth Congress and two centrex members, a volunteer group of around sixty Tibetan youths in Nepal have been distributing food, water, tents, medical supplies, financial assistants, toiletry, and sanitary supplies to the affected people.

Cultural Secretary of TYC, Tashi Dhondup who is coordinating its most expansive relief mission in Nepal so far has said to VOA that RTYC has donated 10,000 each to the two Tibetan families who have lost their family members in the earthquake and another 5000 to a Tibetan who was injured during the quake.

In New York, a huge number of Tibetans and Himalayan people have gathered over the weekend to pray for the quake victims in Nepal and Tibet. Sponsored and organized by the Karmapa Service Society and presided over by the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa, thousands of people had gathered to pray and have generously donated a total sum of over 9 thousand dollars for the quake victims. Karmapa has agreed to donate two hundred thousand dollars for the quake victims.

There are many reports of Tibetans inside Tibet donating relief materials to the quake victims in Nepal and also organizing fundraising events and prayer gathering for the deceased. On May 3, a large number of lay people and monks of Amdo Rebgong have gathered for a prayer gathering for the earthquake victims. VOA has received a short video recording of the prayer ceremony there.

Lhase Sonam, who has close contact in the area told VOA's Tibetan Service that the high lamas from the main monasteries of the area and its monks have participated in the quake solidarity prayer gathering.

Due to the rampant red tapes and bureaucratic hurdles in delivering the aid to the quake victims, Canada based artist, Shenpenn Khymsar has decided to go to the heart of the earthquake epicenter in Nepal to directly help in the relief and rehabilitation work in the worst affected people in Nepal. For this mission, he has started an online fundraising campaign and plans to organize a fundraising musical concert in Vancour soon. With a small group of dedicated and concerned people from the U.S., Canada and India, he plans to camp in the affected area for many days to help in rebuilding the devastated villages there. He tells VOA that due to high level of aid mismanagement and bureaucratic problem in Nepal, he decided to go there personally to directly aid the affected people.