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People on Both Areas of Tibet Nepal Border Devastated by Recent Quake: Update


While the full extent of the damage and the scale of the disaster from the recent earthquake in Nepal is yet to be ascertained, according to the latest information received by VOA, there are widespread reports of damage to people's houses and properties on either side of Nepal Tibet border area (Dham), and almost all the area in the border regions were badly affected by earthquake.

On the Nepal side of the border, the recent earthquake and its subsequent aftershocks have destroyed almost all the residence of Singdak Rinpoche's nunnery in Bakang, while damaging most of Rinpoche's two other monasteries, both situated right on the Nepal border.

According to Tenzin, who is closely following the situation in the border area and who has made a failed attempt to go there to assess the ground situation; atleast one nun has been confirmed death due to the quake. The destruction to the nunnery and the main monastery was massive. The quake has also damaged the main prayer hall of the nunnery and destroyed Rinpoche's private residence. As of now, all the 230 nuns from the nunnery as well as the monks from the monastery are camping outside their respective buildings.

He further tells VOA that as of now, the monks and nuns have acute shortage of food, water, tent, electricity, and communication facilities. Due to the remoteness of the area and the blockage of road and communication, they are yet to receive any outside relief materials. Having failed to go there in the first time, Tenzin is going to make a second attempt to go there to investigate the situation.

On the Tibet side of the border, after clearing the main highway linking Lhasa to Dham, the Chinese authorities have started evacuating all the stranded people in Dham to Nyalam and Lhatse for safety.

According to a source who has close contacts in the area and wants to remain anonymous, the people in Dham area are already on their way to Lhatse with many of them not knowing when and if they will ever be able to return to their native place. He further added that, while most of the younger people are made to walk towards Lhatse, the elderly, kids, and sick are being transported by government arranged transportation.

According to the Chinese media, the rescue workers have started evacuating some 6000 people from Dham area to Lhatse and have set up 600 tents for the first batch of displaced people from Dham area. The same source tells VOA that just yesterday, just as Dham area people are moving towards Lhatse, they felt one more aftershock on their way.