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Bharat Tibbat Sahayog Manch Observes Tibetan Women's National Uprising Day


The Bharat Tibbat Sahayog Manch (BTSM) Women's Wing took part in a function to observe the 56th anniversary of Tibetan Women's National Uprising Day in Delhi on March 12, 2015.

The function was held at the road crossing of Jantar Mantar and Parliament street in New Delhi, where the President of the BTSM women's wing Mrs. Sweta Saini briefed the audience on the connection between India's security and Tibet's independence. "Tibet will be free one day. The issue is also connected with the security of India. BTSM organization's slogan is 'Freedom of Tibet is India's Security," says Mrs. Saini.

The treasurer of BTSM women's wing Mrs. Nita Bhola also spoke at the occasion while raising slogans such as, "Tibet Belong's to Tibetans" and "Victory to Dalai Lama"

Around 100 people gathered and observed the women's uprising day in Delhi.