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Dharamsala Based NGO 'Tibet World' Celebrates First Anniversary

(photo source: tibetworld.org)
(photo source: tibetworld.org)

TIbet World, an NGO based in Dharamsala, north India responsible for teaching foreign languages to Tibetans, and Tibetan Culture and Buddhism to western people in the area marked its first founding anniversary on October 19, 2014.

Penpa Tsering, Speaker of Tibetan Parliament in Exile applauded the fast growth of the organization and praised the vision of its director, while urging all Tibetans to take responsibilities of continuing a set up once they start it.

Yeshi Lhundup, Director of Tibet World conducted a slide show presentation where he talked about the objectives and background history of the organization.

"Tibet world aims to make the world a compassionate haven to live on. Since its inception, the organization has touched more than 700 students within a short period of a year and eight months," Lhundup added.

The organization teaches languages such as English, German, French, Tibetan, and Chinese and also have their own cooking classes and workshops covering variety of issues including the significance of women's health awareness.