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Tibetan Man from Denma Township Kills Himself in an Apparent Protest

Wangchen, Vice Chief of the township is among the hundreds that were arrested by the authorities.
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A Tibetan man kills himself in a detention center in an apparent protest against the local authorities of Denma Township, Serchul County, Karze Prefecture on August 17, 2014.

Lodoe Pasang's suicide incident occured days after the authorities arrested their local chief, Wangdak last Tuesday, August 12, during which the local Tibetans held a peaceful protest to request for the chief's release. The peaceful appeal however, was brought to an abrupt end when the police opened fire injuring ten people, out of which one succumbed to his injuries sustained during the firing.

The authorities have since then arrested majority of the Tibetans of the township, and refused medical treatments to ones that have been injured. Some are said to be in critical conditions.

The situation in the area remains tense with heightened security and all means of communication still cut off.