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CTA Offers Life Long Prayer for Kundun's 80th Birthday

CTA Offers Life Long Prayer for Kundun's 80th Birthday
CTA Offers Life Long Prayer for Kundun's 80th Birthday

The Central Tibetan Administration based in Dharamsala, India in collaboration with the International Gelukpa Association and Tibetan Domed Association will be offering a long life prayer ceremony (Tenshug) to the Dalai Lama on June 21, 2015.

At a press conference held by the Tenshug Committee in Dharamsala, Dhondup Dorjee, Secretary of Department of Religion said, Tibetans worldwide will be given a chance to be a part of this grand offering by donating 3 Rupees equivalent of their residence currency by February 28, 2015 through respective offices to the Department of Religion.

Thomtok Rinpoche, the abbot of Namgyal monastery briefed about the background of International Gelukpa's plan of the Tenshug. He also noted they plan the long life prayer ceremony should not just be a prayer on the offering day, but to organize a yearlong prayers at the respective 11 monasteries under IGA and also to hold discussion on the Dalai Lama's views on Buddhist Philosophy and science.

Tenpay Ngodup, President of Tibetan Domed Association shared the unique and special custom of Domed in celebrating one's 80th Birthday and background about their plan about the Dalai Lama's 80th Birthday which started since 2012. He further added that they are taking this as a good omen to share the ceremony with CTA and IGA.

CTA initially proposed the long life ceremony on the Dalai Lama’s birthday, but due to his pre-scheduled programs in United States of America, the long life prayer ceremony will be conducted on June 21, 2015 which falls on his lunar calender birthday.