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Tibetan Campaigners Urges BRIS Leaders to Press China About Tibet


As the 6th BRICS summit opens in Brazil, Tibet campaigners around the world called on BRIS leaders to press Xi Jinping about Tibet.

At a press conference in Dharamsala moderated by International Tibet Network, Guchusum Freedom Movement for Tibet, Student for a Free Tibet, and Tibetan Women's Association jointly issued a statement.

In the statement they draw attention of the BRICS leader to the grave and deteriorating situation in Tibet despite the peaceful protest from Tibetans, such as over 130 self immolations and urged the leaders to tackle two key issues:

1 'Make a public statement during the Summit in support of the people of Tibet, calling on the Chinese President to resolve the Tibet issue swiftly and peacefully.

2 Urge Xi Jinping to resume dialogue with representatives of the exiled Tibetan leadership, to advance discussions towards a lasting solution to the issue of Tibet.

Joytsna George, SFT Grassroot Coordinator, shared her personal views as an Indian citizen and Tibet Supporter on why Narender Modi should talk about Tibet with Xi Jinping.