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21 Tibetans Detained Over Land Eviction Conflict in Kyegudo

A general view shows a makeshift camp for people affected by the 2010 earthquake in Yushu, Qinghai province, April 23, 2012. Government officials are threatening to forcibly relocate some 600 people - mostly Tibetans - from what was prime real estate in order to rebuild Gyegu - known in Chinese as Yushu - as what officials billed as an "ecological tourism centre". The move has triggered resentment as two of China's most volatile social issues - land grabs and perceived mistreatment of ethnic minorities - combine to raise tensions and threaten social stability in the region. Picture taken April 23, 2012.
21 Tibetans have been detained after a conflict between local Tibetans and Chinese troops over forced land eviction in Kyegudo in Qinghai (Ch: Yushu). 6 Tibetans were severely injured and 4 armies were hurt, according to VOA sources with contacts in the area.

Earlier this month, Chinese troops began wrecking homes in Kyegudo where thousands of homes have been rebuilt after a deadly earthquake struck in the area on April 14, 2010. Citing reasons of illegal occupation of land and construction of houses on government properties, Chinese troops reportedly demolished over a thousand homes in Kyegudo. The conflict arose after angered local Tibetans protested the authorities over demolition of their rebuilt homes and tents.

Last week, a Tibetan woman burned herself to protest destruction of her home in Kyegudo and another Tibetan woman self-immolated in Beijing last year to protest forced land grabbing in the same area.
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