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Sikyong Sangay Calls for Global Solidarity Day for Tibet

Sikyong Lobsang Sangay addressing the crowd gathered at Tsuglakhang temple in Dharamsala on November 14, 2012
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Head of the Tibetan administration today called for a Global Solidarity Day to be observed on 10th December in solidarity with the ongoing wave of self-immolations and protests inside Tibet.

Sikyong Lobsang Sangay made the appeal while addressing a special prayer service held in honor of the Tibetan self-immolators at the Tsug-la Khang temple in Dharamshala. He said the recent escalation in self-immolation protests in Tibet sends a message of the worsening situation inside Tibet under the Chinese rule and urged all to show solidarity on December 10th.

“Next month on Noble Peace Prize Day, which also coincides with the World Human Rights Day, we appeal all Tibetans to observe a ‘Global Solidarity Day for Tibet’ and urge all Tibetan organisations to carry out campaigns,” said Sikyong Sangay.

Hundreds of Tibetans and supporters, including the Tibetan Chief Justice Commissioners, Speaker Penpa Tsering and members of the Tibetan Parliament attended the prayer service.

Special prayer service were offered for Nyingkar Tashi, 24 and Nyingchag Bum, 18, who passed away after setting themselves ablaze in a protest against China.

Since 2009, 72 Tibetans have set themselves on fire calling for freedom in Tibet and return of the Dalai Lama from exile.