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Twin Self-Immolation in Nagchu

Tibetan Monks Face Chinese Justice in Self-Immolation Case
Tibetan Monks Face Chinese Justice in Self-Immolation Case

Two Tibetans have set themselves on fire near Palkar monastery in Dreru, Nagchu in the China designated Tibet Autonomous Region.

Tsebup, one of the self-immolators has reportedly died after burning himself and the present condition of the other person is unknown.

Sources with contacts in the area say all contacts outside the area has been restricted.

Earlier this month, a Tibetan blogger Gudrup died after setting himself on fire in China protest. Two of his short passages have emerged, one believed to have been written in March 2012 when a crackdown in the Nagchu region resulted with nine Tibetans being detained for peacefully protesting.

In one of the writings, Gudrup laments Tibet’s recent history and calls for a future of unity and hope, and states that Tibetans are forced to go against faith and history to denounce the Dalai Lama and deny Tibet’s sovereign past. Both writing passages end with the hope that the righteous and peaceful voices increase in Tibet and that truth and justice prevail.

The twin self-immolations in Nagchu is the 6th self-immolation in the past 7 days. Since February 2009, at least 60 Tibetans have set themselves on fire to protest Chinese policy in Tibet.

China has long accused Tibetan exiles of self-immolating as part of a separatist struggle, denouncing them as terrorists, while representatives of the Dalai Lama say protesters are driven to self-immolate because they cannot tolerate China's repressive policies.