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Kanhlo Police Offers Reward for Self-Immolation Informants

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An official directive by the People’s Security Bureau in Kanlho (Chinese: Gannan), Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Gansu province (Tibetan area of Amdo), informs reward for information on self-immolations and warns harsh punishment on Tibetans engaged in instigating self-immolations.

The directive posted publicly throughout Kanlho on October 21 offers a 50,000 yuan for those exposing and reporting on anyone instigating, planning or supporting self-immolations to the public security bureau. It also informs reward of 200,000 yuan for people reporting on people involved in planning the previous self-immolations in Kanhlo.

The directive guarantees that the information of the informants will not be disclosed and their welfare will be protected. It also states that the payment of the reward will be discreet and through special means.

Kanlho prefecture has seen Seven self-immolations out of the 58 self-immolations that have occurred in Tibetan-inhabited regions in China since February 2009.