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Rinchen Dolma Crowned Miss Himalaya for Peace and Environment

Newly crowned Miss Himalaya Rinchen Dolma in the middle with runner ups
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23-year-old Rinchen Dolma from India’s north-eastern state of Sikkim was crowned the Miss Himalaya Pageant for Peace and Environment after four rounds of competition at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts in Dharamsala.

Rinchen Dolma, a student at Chandigarh, won one hundred thousand rupees of which she plans to donate 10% to an orphanage charity in Chandigarh.

The two days event was organized by Lobsang Wangyal who has annually organized the Miss Tibet Pageant since 2002. Speaking to VOA, Lobsang Wangyal said he plans to hold the Miss Himalaya pageant annually to promote peace and a better relation among the people of the Himalayan regions.

Rachna Dhiman, 19, from Kangra won the first runner-up title with Rs. 50,000 and Thinley Yangchen, 22, from Spiti in Himachal Pradesh took the second runner-up title with Rs. 25.000

Lobsang Wangyal Production plans to host the 11th Miss Tibet in Bylakupe, Karnakata state on February 13, 2012.