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Tibetan Man Self-Immolates in Nagchu

Gundrup's Picture
Gundrup's Picture

A 43-year-old Tibetan man named Gudrup self-immolated today in Nagchu in Tibet Autonomous Region.

Sources told VOA that Gudrup shouted slogans calling for freedom for Tibet and return of the Tibetan spiritual leader while engulfed in flames. Some Tibetans took Gundrup to a nearby hospital where security personnels forced the Tibetans to leave him in their custody. A doctor informed the Tibetans that Gudrup had died but the authorities have refused to allow his family to receive his body.

Gudrup maintained a blog and two of his short writings have emerged, one written in March 2012 when a crackdown in the Nagchu region resulted with nine Tibetans being detained for peaceful protests.

In one of the writings, Gudrup laments Tibet’s recent history and calls for a future of unity and hope, and states that Tibetans are forced to go against faith and history to denounce their spiritual leader and deny Tibet’s sovereign past. Both writing passages end with the hope that the righteous and peaceful voices will increase in Tibet and that truth and justice prevail. It is not known at present if Gudrup had a family or children.

Sources say Gundrup came to India in 2005 and studied at the school for newly arrived refugees in Dharamsala. Upon his return to Tibet in 2006, Gundrup was arrested and later released in 2008.

This latest protest raises the number of self-immolations in Tibetan regions of China to 53 since February 2009.