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Tibetan Students Commemorate 1987 Lhasa Uprising

Delhi students play
Delhi students play
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Regional Tibetan Youth Congress [RTYC] of Rohini in Delhi, consisting mostly of college going students of Delhi University, commemorated the 25th anniversary of 1987 Lhasa Uprising. The students organized a street play, photo exhibition, documentary film screening and signature campaign at Vishwavidyalaya metro station in the north campus of Delhi University.

"The historic event of 27th September 1987 occured after almost three decades of 10th March Uprising in 1959 and it rekindled the spirit of freedom struggle over Tibetan plateau." said Tsering Tharchin, the president of RTYC, Rohini. "Thereafter it continued through 1988 and 1989. Despite Chinese military crackdown and harsh persecutions, Tibetans in Tibet stood up in unity and raised their voices against the Chinese brutal oppression in 2008."

Two street plays were performed: the first on China's violation of freedom of expression in Tibet and the second play on the identity crisis being faced by the Tibetan refugees in India and abroad.

A large number of Indian and foreign students gathered to watch the street play and the photo exhibition and the screening of documentary films just outside the metro station. Many condemned the Chinese actions in Tibet.

"It should not be done. Oppression is bad. What has happened to you may happen to us. That's why we am ready to support Tibet whenever needed." says Pravin Rai and Manoj Bhardawaj.

Meanwhile, signature campaign was also held as a part of the "Flame of Truth" relay which is expected to reach Delhi in October.