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Kalon Tripa Signs Charter Amendment, Becomes Sikyong

Kalon Tripa Signs Charter Amendment
Kalon Tripa Signs Charter Amendment

The head of the Central Tibetan Administration-in-exile Lobsang Sangay on Wednesday ratified the charter amending his official title from Kalon Tripa to Sikyong.

Mr. Sangay signed the Charter amendment Wenesday morning at ceremony held in Dharamsala. Members of the cabinet minister, Secretaries of Tibetan Parliamentary Secretariat and cabinet ministers Secretariat greeted Mr. Lobsang Sangay following the signing ceremony.

“The move to bring a motion on charter amendment to change the title of Kalon Tripa to Sikyong received unanimous approval by the parliament. We consider it as a historic transition,” Kalon Ngodup Dongchung told Tibet TV after the ceremony.

The Charter amendment bill number 39 was unanimously adopted in the afternoon session on the 6th day of the ongoing 4th session of the 15th Tibetan Parliament.